*** SPECIAL OFFER *** Mono Pneumatic One Man scrum machine (Ex-display)

£3,600.00 inc. VAT £3,000.00 exc. VAT

We occasionally have second-hand, refurbished, or ex-display scrum machines for sale. All scrum machines will be fully serviced before sale and guaranteed against mechanical defects as new. The images shown on this page are for illustration only. (Price excludes VAT and delivery) Cannot be purchased online. Please inquire prior to purchase.



Individual trainer - Freestanding and portable.

Intended for advanced training with the help of a coach, the Mono can be used successfully in a more limited way by the player alone.
Powered by compressed air, under the fingertip control of the coach, multi-directional movements accurately simulate scrummaging against live opposition.

Advanced technology allows scientific analysis of an individual player's technique and a variety of related bio-mechanical studies.

The machine provides a meaningful addition to conventional weight-training and under proper medical guidance, can assist in injury rehabilitation.

An individual player's scrummaging performance can be subjected to in-depth scrutiny and analysis.

The precise measurement of the player's efforts against variable resistances together with repeatable pressure settings provides irrefutable proof of performance.

The PREDATOR! Mono stimulates an individual's enthusiasm for progressive training schedules.

Individually tailored MONO training programs vastly increase a player's ability to apply power and greatly improve his muscular endurance, self confidence and commitment.

Portable free-standing design which is an ideal addition to existing weight rooms or gymnasium areas.
Safe and simple to operate joystick control
Can be used alone or with an assistant
Player has a clear view of the force gauge and can exert himself correctly and safely for the training objective.

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