TOPIC: Second-rows engaging into the scrummage from the kneeling position. 
In recent years we have noticed the emphasis has wrongly been placed by the coaches on second-rows engaging into the scrum from the kneeling position. Originally this technique was introduced in the early 80’s simply to allow the new breed of tall second-row to achieve a lower and more efficient binding on the props leg prior to engaging in the scrum. The present interpretation conflicts with the second-rows primary role which is to maintain a constant controlled pressure on his frontrow. This pressure is lost as the second-row must adjust his feet from the kneeling position to the optimum foot position. 
Top Tip: The second-row when binding with his prop must anticipate the amount of forward movement his prop’s thigh will make when the two packs go from the crouched position to the engaged position and adjust his feet accordingly so his feet are in the optimum foot position while crouched. His body will be like a compressed spring waiting to be released. 
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