TOPIC: Second-rows binding position with his prop forward. 
DISCUSSION: The second-row has always been known as the ‘engine room’ in the scrum and one would like all his force to be felt by the opposition. However, as he is one removed from the opposition he must work in unison with his own front row prop for his own full effect to be felt. The efficiency of the drive will be determined by the bind of the second-row with his prop forward. 
The most popular binding grip for a second-row at the present time is the groin grip. That is to say, he passes his outside arm between the legs and then grips the waistband of his prop forward’s shorts or lower jersey, thus allowing shoulder contact to be made with the back of his prop’s inside leg just below the rump on the upper thigh. This is the optimum position from which the prop forward can take advantage of the second row's drive. However, the arm grip is no better than adequate because of the length of the second row's arm, even when bent, will always exceed the distance from the gripping point. Looseness in this grip will often prevent the second-row retaining his contact point when applying pressure and result in his shoulder riding up over the prop’s backside, leaving only his upper arm in contact, drastically reducing the efficiency of the drive. 
OUR TIP: There must be no looseness in the arm so that both the second-row and his prop forward function as one. We recommend that the second row's arm should encircle the prop forwards inside leg. Gripping the opening of the prop’s the inside pocket, then by pointing his elbow towards the opposing front-row and tightening the grip on the prop’s leg, he removes any risk of movement. 
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