TOPIC: The optimum foot positions of the left hand wing forward on your ‘put in’. 
DISCUSSION: The left-hand wing forward’s primary role on your ‘put in’ is to prevent his loose-head’s backside being forced out of line. After a successful strike by his hooker his secondary role is to prevent the ball shooting from the scrum, where necessary channelling the ball to his No 8. As these two actions follow contiguously, it is important that prior to engaging in the scrum the wing forward adopts the necessary position to perform both roles. Left-hand wing forwards often bind incorrectly in the athletic sprint start position, with their outside leg forward. This position does not allow the player to perform both roles. 
TOP TIP: The wing forward must have his outside leg back in a pushing position, with the majority of his weight on this leg, leaving his inside leg free to control the ball when and where necessary. 
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